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Paul Lewing is nationally known for his unique style of glaze painting on tile, and his innovative china painting. Paul has taught numerous workshops on tile-making, glaze chemistry and china painting, in all 50 of the United States, and in Canada. If your college, art center, china painting club, or potter’s group would like to sponsor one of Paul’s classes, call or e-mail for prices, recommendations, equipment and supplies list, and more detailed descriptions.

Upcoming Workshops

South Seattle Community College
Glaze Chemistry
October 16, 2016 9am-5pm
6000 16th Ave. SW. SEattle WA 98106
Contact Laura Matson, 206-934-6699 or


Workshop Descriptions

"China Painting: New Directions" Two or Three-day class (3 is better)
China paint (or overglaze enamel) is a 1000-year-old medium which few clay artists know today. This introductory workshop explores the use of this exciting painting medium on tile and pottery, either commercially made or handmade. Emphasis will be on water-soluble mediums, rather than the traditional oil. All skill levels of potters, painters, and traditional china painters are welcome. Potters will enjoy the bright colors and immediacy of the painting; china painters will discover non-toxic and non-allergenic mediums. Some hands-on, and students will leave with finished work. Includes slide show of Paul's and other china painted work.

"China Painting: New Directions" Five-day class
This hands-on weeklong workshop is an expanded version of Paul’s weekend china painting workshop. We will focus on tile decoration, but students are welcome to paint pottery as well, whether their own or commercially manufactured. In addition, we will investigate non-traditional china paint techniques, such as airbrushing and silkscreening, and do some collaborative projects along with individual work. All work will be done using non-traditional and non-toxic water-soluble mediums. We will fire each of four nights, and students will leave with finished work. All skill levels of potters and traditional china painters are welcome. Also included is a slide show of Paul’s and other china painted work.

"Glaze Chemistry- Beginning to Advanced" Two-day class

A two-day lecture class that begins with the glaze materials, and such basic information as how to make glaze tests and use a gram scale. It covers firing, glaze faults, testing, and glaze mixing. On the second day, it progresses to an explanation of the Seger formula method of analyzing glaze formulas, and a demonstration of several ceramic calculation software programs. It includes a slide show of Paul’s work. No glaze chemistry or computer experience is necessary.

"Tile: Making, Decorating, Marketing" Two-day class
This two-day lecture/demonstration shows how to make tile on the slab roller, extruder and tile press. It includes information on installation, as well as an extensive discussion of designing commission work, shows, selling, portfolios, and promotional literature. The second day is devoted to decorating, with demo of Paul’s unique style of glaze painting, as well as discussion of china painting, sume painting, silk-screening and airbrushing. Also included is a slide show of Paul’s work and historical and contemporary tile work.

"Tile: Making, Decorating, Marketing" Five-day class
This hands-on weeklong workshop is an expanded combination of both of Paul’s other workshops. It features all the information of the two-day tile workshop, with an opportunity for students to glaze and fire tiles with cone 4 glazes and with china paints. Glaze chemistry is also covered, in as much detail as time and interest allow. Each day includes some demonstration and lecture and some time for students to work on projects. Also included is a slide show of Paul’s work and historical and contemporary tile work.



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