Garden Path Mural, Part 5

This is what the mural looked like after the third and final firing. I did a little more deepening a few colors here and there, but mostly I did black outlines. Most china painters don’t outline like this, but most china painters are working on much smaller objects. I need this image to read from across the room. It’s now ready to be installed, and it’s been delivered. No telling when the room will be done. Sometimes it’s months. But this one is local so I’ll probably get to go see it. Stay tuned.


Garden Path Mural Drawing

Here’s the drawing for my latest custom tile mural. This will be 3’ x 6’. This has just been approved by the client, who showed me a straight on view of a house similar to this one, and a list of flowers they’d like in the picture. So I turned the house sideways to give space for the other flowers.


Seattle Home Show

Hi.  It's time once again for the annual Seattle Home Show.  I'll be showing my tile murals again in Booth #634.  If you're planning on attending, go to the Home Show webs site, click on Get Tickets, click One Adult, and enter the promo code on the graphic below.  It will get you 2-for-1 entry and $5 parking.  I hope I'll see you there.