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Unique Tile Murals

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Paul with tile

Paul Lewing Custom Tile creates custom tile murals for kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, signs, and all other custom tile applications. Paul will depict any image on handpainted tile, in any style or color, and work with clients to guarantee their satisfaction.

All murals are fired on, washable and durable. Paul charges

$144 per square foot for custom tile murals.

Only those tiles which have artwork fired onto them are counted in this charge. For details on how to commission your custom tile mural, click here.

Books and DVD's

"China Paint & Overglaze" by Paul Lewing 

Paul's groundbreaking new book on china painting, "China Paint & Overglaze" is from American Ceramic Society. To order, click here.

"New Directions in China Painting", by Paul Lewing

Paul covers color groups, surfaces to paint on, tools, mediums, resists and more. As he describes different types of brushes, he demonstrates the type of effect you’ll get with each one, and he doesn’t end there. Beyond brushes you’ll need rub-out tools and various sponges and he demonstrates each of these as well. The DVD follows his workshop format with a lecture followed by brief demonstrations of tools and techniques. To order, click here.

"Water-Based Mediums for China Painting" by Paul Lewing.
Paul’s new booklet details his research into aqueous mediums. To order, click here.

Paul has been an artist all his life, and has worked with clay and glazes since 1965. Since 1986, Paul has worked almost exclusively on tile at two different firing temperatures. In addition to custom tile murals, Paul produces a popular line of gift items in his Seattle, Washington area studio. He is well-known nationally as a tile artist and ceramic glaze chemist, and teaches workshops on both these subjects, as well as on china painting. To see Paul's paintings on canvas, please visit Paul Lewing Art.


105 N 200th ST., SHORELINE, WASHINGTON 98133
(206) 801-7332

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