Stillaguamish River

Here's a piece that just went home.  It will go on a bathroom vanity backsplash, around a mirror.  It's a scene of the Stillaguamish River, for a cabin on that river.  It commemorates the client's father, who built the cabin and fished for steelhead there.  It includes his rods, creel, boots and tackle box.  Ignore the big purple spot in the upper left.  That's just glare.


Misty Forest

This just came from a client.  They really liked a painting on my art web site, so we adapted it to fit their backsplash and added some birds and animals.


A short time at home

We just got back from Arizona, where I did a workshop and we went to some Mariners spring training games.  Now I'm home for a few days before I head off to Pittsburg for the annual NCECA conference.

Three Sisters vanity

This picture just came from a client.  It features a scene of the Three Sisters in Oregon on a small bathroom vanity.  It's unusual in a couple of ways.  For one thing, it's cone 4 glazes and not china paint like most of my work these days.  And it is mounted so it can be removed.  I did another backsplash for these folks years ago and they were upset that they had to leave it when they moved.  Not this time.


Showing in Ballard

All of the month of February, I'll be showing paintings at Walter's Ice Cream Shop at 6408 32nd Ave. NW.  They're going to be part of the Ballard Art Walk on the evening of the 15th, so if you're in the area, stop by.


Ferry and Navy ships

This tile job just went home yesterday.  It features the view from the clients' home on Puget Sound.  They live near Bremerton, so the ferry from Seattle goes by all the time, and Navy and Coast Guard ships are always in the area.  So are the gulls, herons and cormorants.  One panel of this will go behind their stove, the other under a window and out onto the backsplash on either side of the sink.


Paul Lewing/ Kurt Weiser Workshop

Registration is now open for a workshop that I’m really excited about.  It will be china painting taught by Kurt Weiser and me at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado June 11-15.  This will be "The Contemporary Master" and "The Guy Who Wrote the Book" together for the first time, at one of the country’s most wonderful schools.  It will also be a showcase of two wildly different approaches to china painting.  Kurt and I make different stuff for different reasons and put it out in the world in different ways.  He works slowly and deliberately; I work fast and loose.  He uses oil medium; I use water-based.  He makes what he paints on; I don’t.  

I would dearly love to see a mix of clay artists and traditional china painters at this workshop.  To register go to or call (970) 923-3181.  Do it soon, and tell your friends.  Registration has just opened and I think this one will fill up fast.

Paul Lewing

China Painting a contemporary approach.jpg