I finally got to see this piece for the first time the other day. It's in Central Vally High School just outside Spokane, WA. Every year they have a contest among the seniors to design a class tile. I then reproduce the design on an 8" x 8" tile. I've done every year since 2005, 14 in all so far. Here's the last two years. The 2019 one was a real pain to duplicate.


Buddhist painting

Here’s an old one, from several years ago, that I just got a picture of. It’s a reproduction of a Tibetan Buddhist cave painting. Yes. I really will paint any image you want on tile!


Puget Sound Sunset

Just got pictures of this job installed.  It’s in what used to be a closet under a sloping roof.  The image is Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains at sunset, from a photo taken by the client from the street in front of his house in Ballard.