Northwest Forest Powder Room Mural

This little bathroom is in the same house as the Puget Sound Underwater shower that I posted a video of last week.  The Coyote shower that's on the Bathrooms page is also in this same house.  This forest one is not tile, though.  It's acrylic paint on the sheet rock.  There are more than 40 forest creatures in here, including a Susquatch, and a banana slug on the toilet paper holder.

Puget Sound Underwater Shower

I'm going to try something new here and I hope it works.  This three-wall walk-in shower that's on the home page is shown there as a three-panel still photo.  But the piece was conceived, and you experience it, as a wraparound image.  What I really need is virtual reality, but until that comes along, this video will have to do.

Almost done

Since I last posted, I've put a lot more pictures up on the web site.  I think it's almost done.  I'm really pleased with the new Squarespace system.  It's really easy to use and I think looks really good.

New Website!

I'm excited to debut my new website.  You'll see more portfolio pieces added weekly for the next few weeks.  Please enjoy looking around my website and contact me with any questions!

And Kudos to Shannon Black for setting it up for me.  I'll try to keep it updated as I go along.