Garden Path Mural Drawing

Here’s the drawing for my latest custom tile mural. This will be 3’ x 6’. This has just been approved by the client, who showed me a straight on view of a house similar to this one, and a list of flowers they’d like in the picture. So I turned the house sideways to give space for the other flowers.


Seattle Home Show

Hi.  It's time once again for the annual Seattle Home Show.  I'll be showing my tile murals again in Booth #634.  If you're planning on attending, go to the Home Show webs site, click on Get Tickets, click One Adult, and enter the promo code on the graphic below.  It will get you 2-for-1 entry and $5 parking.  I hope I'll see you there.


Whidbey Island Map

I posted a picture of these tiles back in November of 2017 right after they were finished and laying on the table in my studio. They finally got installed, the room finally got finished, and I finally got up to the island to shoot them. This is a fanciful map of Whidbey Island, with local attractions, some of which you’d have to live there to get. My favorite is the Kraken eating the Victoria Clipper boat. It also features the North Pole up by the ceiling, the South Pole near the floor, New York and Florida off to the right, and the Olympic Mountains, complete with Susquatch, on the left. Clients like this don’t come along very often.


Olympic Mountains View

This tile piece went home just in time for Christmas. It will be installed in the back of a shower. There will be a shelf just below the bottom of the mural, and the top of the mural will just meet the angled ceiling where it fits under a gable. The back wall is 5’ wide, so this image will wrap around just a bit on both side walls. It’s always a challenge working on these staggered subway tiles, especially when the image goes around a corner. But I’m sure it will fit nicely. The image is from a photo the clients took and is the view they have of the Olympics and Puget Sound from their house.



This picture was just sent to me by the clients, one of whom is a researcher working on jellyfish, so there are several kinds in here. I particularly like how they have softened the corners with the mosaics.