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Paul Lewing/ Kurt Weiser Workshop

Registration is now open for a workshop that I’m really excited about.  It will be china painting taught by Kurt Weiser and me at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass Village, Colorado June 11-15.  This will be "The Contemporary Master" and "The Guy Who Wrote the Book" together for the first time, at one of the country’s most wonderful schools.  It will also be a showcase of two wildly different approaches to china painting.  Kurt and I make different stuff for different reasons and put it out in the world in different ways.  He works slowly and deliberately; I work fast and loose.  He uses oil medium; I use water-based.  He makes what he paints on; I don’t.  

I would dearly love to see a mix of clay artists and traditional china painters at this workshop.  To register go to andersonranch.org or call (970) 923-3181.  Do it soon, and tell your friends.  Registration has just opened and I think this one will fill up fast.

Paul Lewing

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"China Painting: New Directions" Two or Three-day class (3 is better)

China paint (or overglaze enamel) is a 1000-year-old medium which few clay artists know today. This introductory workshop explores the use of this exciting painting medium on tile and pottery, either commercially made or handmade. Emphasis will be on water-soluble mediums, rather than the traditional oil. All skill levels of potters, painters, and traditional china painters are welcome. Potters will enjoy the bright colors and immediacy of the painting; china painters will discover non-toxic and non-allergenic mediums. Some hands-on, and students will leave with finished work. Includes slide show of Paul's and other china painted work.

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